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1. Mr. Zhou shuseng, who is the coach of Singapore women's table tennis team, has a trip to our company. [ 2010-6-22 ]
Lectures on XIANZHILOU Ganoderma Lucidum had a successful ending [ 2010-6-20 ]
Company leaders visit Europe for inspection. [ 2010-3-6 ]
African branch leaders visit to GMP products base. [ 2009-9-28 ]
African branch leaders visit to china for inspection. [ 2009-9-24 ]
Ms. Piao Yizi, South Korea branch manager, visit to the headquarter. [ 2009-7-14 ]
Anti-fatigue health food --The Dan-huo capsule take part in “Japan international health foods and additives Exhibition” [ 2008-5-28 ]