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At June 22, 2010, Mr. Zhou shuseng, who is the coach of Singapore women's table tennis team and has taking SUGARID more than 6 years, visit our company and shared his anti-diabetes story. Without any other medicines, his physical indicators is right including blood glucose, blood pressure, blood lipid before he has taking SUGARID at 2004.
  SUGARID was researched and developed over more 40 years by Mr.Tong guanghuan, who was professor of the Fourth Military Medical University and the ex-Standing Committee of the Chinese Diabetes Society.
     Plant insulin sensitizer was extract from Tartary Buckwheat; it鈥檚 not only regulating the blood glucose and blood pressure, but also playing in an important role in complication of diabetes.
   SUGARID capsule, has been selling more than 7years in Beijing, is beneficial to tens of thousands of the diabetics.

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