Vitamin & Mineral Series

 Vitamin & Mineral Series  
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 Protect Cardiovascular, Regulate Blood Flat & Blood Pressure  
 Beauty, Weight Control, Antioxidants & Allergy  
 Delay Female Menopause Dysmenorrheal & Blood Enrichment  
 Improve Immunity & Anti-influenza  
 Liver Protection  
 Constipation Solution  
 Eye Protection  
 Male’s Prostate Improvement  
 Cancer & Hiv  
 Children Series  
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Ca + Fe + Zn + Se
Supplementing Ca, Fe, Zn and Se at the same time, build up health and improve the immunity
Reasonable and balanced nutritional supplement minerals. In China, the daily recommended amount of nutritions are Calcium 600-1200mg, iron 10mg, zinc 10mg, in accordance with the relevant provisions of nutrient agent to supplement the amount should be controlled in the recommended amount of 1 / 3 to 2 / 3, a daily supplement of calcium should be 200 to 800mg, Iron 3.3mg, Zinc 3.3mg. This product after the effective ratio, calcium, iron and zinc content of the above criteria, can contribute most effectively absorbed by the body to supplement the daily loss of calcium, iron, zinc. Selenium plays an important role in the process of life, has been found that human beings have more than 40 kinds of disease and selenium deficiency related. Ca, Fe, zinc and selenium supplement is the most scientific with additional trace elements in the new concept.

Product Features
1. The proportion of Ca, Fe, Zn and Se fully meets the needs of human body.
2. Supplementing Ca, Fe, Zn and Se at the same time in a scientific, balanced and economical way.

Nutritional Effects
1. Prevent osteoporosis, muscle spasm, acroanesthesia, spasm and waist and leg soreness, etc.
2. Promote generation of hemoglobin, prevent iron-deficiency anemia and build up health.
3. Help children in intelligence development and promote the excretion of lead.
4. Improve immunity of the organism and wound healing capacity, resist oxidation, resist aging and improve eyesight.
5. Expel toxic substances from human body and improve children monophagia and anorexia.

Suitable for
1. People with poor immunity.
2. People suffering from anemia.
3. Children with monophagia, anorexia and hyperactivity disorder.
4. Children in the period of growing development and intelligence development.