Vitamin & Mineral Series

 Vitamin & Mineral Series  
 Calcium & Joint Protection  
 Protect Cardiovascular, Regulate Blood Flat & Blood Pressure  
 Beauty, Weight Control, Antioxidants & Allergy  
 Delay Female Menopause Dysmenorrheal & Blood Enrichment  
 Improve Immunity & Anti-influenza  
 Liver Protection  
 Constipation Solution  
 Eye Protection  
 Male’s Prostate Improvement  
 Cancer & Hiv  
 Children Series  
 Men Health  
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Vitamin B family

The patron saint of liver
Vitamin B include vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin, folic acid, cholalic acid, pantothenic acid. Vitamin B is water-soluble, absorbed by the blood, therefore, it can not be stored inside the body, the excess will be discharged with the urine, sweat and requires constant supplementation.
Vitamin B can regulate the body's heat, the lack of Vitamin B will disorder the human metabolic system, even if the general intake of a variety of nutritious cannot play a role.
Vitamin B1 can maintain normal functions of nerves, heart and digestive system;
Vitamin B2 can maintain normal visual function and beneficial for sex;
Vitamin B6 can prevent skin inflammation, hand and foot dropsy, joint pain, and insomnia, amnesia, quick temper, fatigue, etc., as well as preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis.
Vitamin B12 is conducive to the functional activity of human body, and rapidly revitalizes the body.

Product Features

1.A kind of health food made of B vitamins, which are extracted from natural foods, with advanced and scientific techniques.
2.Without any preservative, synthetic pigment or artificial food flavoring.
3.With a scientific collocation of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, supplementing B vitamins to meet daily needs.

Nutritional Effects

1.Produce nutrients necessary for blood and promote hemoglobin synthesis.
2.Maintain normal functioning of the nervous system.
3.An important ferment for saccharine, fat, protein and energy metabolism.
4.Can help alcohol metabolism.

Suitable for

1.The aged or people with poor digestion and absorption functions.
2.People with frequent smoking, drinking, staying up or with large mental stress.
3.People taking medicine for long time.