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 Vitamin & Mineral Series  
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β- Carotene  Plus
For vision protection and skin nourishing
The carrot contains large quantity of β-Carotene, which can be converted into Vitamin A after its ingestion into the digestive organs. And it is the safest product for supplement of Vitamin A (Excess supply of synthetic vitamin A would cause toxicosis). It can maintain the health of eyes and skin, improve the condition of nyctalopia and pachylosis, and help to protect the body from free radical. Lack of Vitamin A will result in: 1.nyctalopia and xerophthalmia; 2. blocked growing development; 3. hypogeusia, hyposmia and decreased appetite; 4.dry and withered hair and pachylosis; 5. hypomnesis, agitated mood and insomnia.

Product Features
1.Taking natural and high-quality carotene as the raw material, with high purity, safe and easy for absorption.
2.Extracted by adopting the technology of molecular film activation and directional separation so as to preserve the bioactive components in the carrot.

Nutritional Effects
1.Improve eyesight, prevent nyctalopia, xerophthalmia and cataract and enhance eyes’ capacity for differentiating colors.
2.Maintain completeness of the mucous layer of skin so as to prevent xerosis cutis and pachylosis.
3.Promote growing development and effectively improve body health, cell development and the healthy growth of bones and teeth,

Suitable for
1.People requiring radiation protection and oxidation resistance.
2.People needing nutrition and vision improvement.
3.People with dry or rough skin.