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Balance Tea
Blood pressure, lipid-lowering
The main raw materials of this Balance Tea are ginkgo biloba leaves and accompanied with pine needle flavonoids, ginseng, medlar, green tea and other 18 kinds of edible plants which make this product unique. It could regulate the blood pressure and blood fat and does not have any side effect.
Ginkgo biloba flavonoids: a two-way regulating vascular tone, to correct a high pathological capillary permeability, to regulate blood flow, effectively improve microcirculation, promote micro-circulation nutrition exchange, remove free radicals against peroxidation, a significant improvement of vascular peroxide endothelial damage. For coronary heart disease, angina, high blood lipids, such as cerebral insufficiency to have good health care function.
Pine needle flavonoids: can be used for expansion of arteries to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, promote blood circulation, improve capillary function, enhance immunity, increase in hormone secretion, the organization of the body rejuvenation.
Eucommia: complement liver and kidney, strengthening the bones. Blood pressure and improve immune function.
Ginseng: with eight kinds of phospholipid composition. Phospholipids in animals and humans is an important component of the biofilm. Phospholipids with improving immune function, strong fine brain, enhance bone cells, nerve cells and insulin function and nourish the liver and protect blood, anti-aging, reducing blood fat and arteriosclerosis index effect.
Ganoderma lucidum, fleece-flower root, wolfberry fruit extract extract Poria, and has increased the effectiveness of immunity.

Product Features
1. Using 18 kinds of precious Chinese herbal medicine to Venezuela Kampo formulations processing crafted.
2. In which the active ingredient with a Ziyin Qiangshen, Liver eyesight, kidney axis regulating a balanced role in complementing the antihypertensive effect of special significant.

Nutritional Effects
1. Long-term consumption can reduce the body's cholesterol levels.
2. Reduce blood fat.
3. Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
4. Increased brain cell activity. 
5. Enhance memory.

Suitable for
1. Populations have high blood pressure risks.
2. Have high blood pressure, high blood lipids, blood sugar high, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular symptoms of populations.
3. With angina pectoris, cerebral thrombosis, brain stem, stroke and other complications in people with hypertension.
4. With dizziness, dizziness, numb limbs, limp weakness and other symptoms of people with hypertension.
5. Body fat, lack of exercise, high pressure, fast-paced, radiation working environment.